• If CCIE is like climbing Mt. Everest then CCNA is like climbing to the base camp which is at 17,580 ft. It not an easy task unless you prepare for it.


    For those of you who are planning to pursue CCNA certification, this is the essential guidebook that provides the necessary clarity of vision and strategies that you need to pass your certification.
    This guidebook is like a GPS for your CCNA. The timeline in the book tells you exactly the path to take to be successful and even go beyond that to succeed in your career.
    We will provide guidance for the non-technical aspects and most importantly strategies that you can use to be a CCNA.

    This guidebook answers the following questions and more:

    • How do I start preparing for my CCNA certification?
    • How much time will it take me to be CCNA certified?
    • How can I accurately estimate the cost of being CCNA certified?
    • How do I study efficiently for the CCNA exam?
    • How much do I study on a daily and weekly basis to be CCNA Certified?
    • What do I need to do Three weeks, Three days and the three hours before the exam?
    • What to do after I pass my CCNA exam?

    This first of its kind guidebook is a result of filtering and crystallizing all of the ideas and strategies that we collected during or long certification career to achieve CCIE twice.